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Table of Contents: Your Diabetes Questions Answered 

By Jenny Ruhl

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Chapter One: Help! I Have Type 2 Diabetes!

     I Just Got the News—What Should I Do First?

     What Exactly Is “Blood Sugar?”

     What is Type 2 Diabetes?

     What Exactly Is Meant by the Term “Diabetic Complications?”

     What Causes Complications?

     Does An Underlying Condition Cause Complications?

     What Blood Sugar Levels Cause Complications?

     Why Did My Relative Lose a Limb and Go on Dialysis?

     How Long Does It Take to Go Blind or Lose a Foot?

     Do I Really Have Diabetes?

     What Makes Those Blood Sugar Levels Diabetic?

     What Really Is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

     What Is a Normal A1C?

     Why Do You and Dr. Bernstein Disagree About Normal Blood Sugars and Targets?

     Does Type 2 Diabetes Always Get Worse?

     Will Diabetes Really Shorten My Life by a Decade?

     Will I Get Complications If My Fasting Blood Sugar isn’t Normal?

     Scientists Cured Diabetes in Mice When Will We Get This Cure?

Chapter Two: Why Did I Get Diabetes?

     What Is Insulin Resistance?

     Does Insulin Resistance Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

     Can I Lower My Insulin Resistance?

     Why Does Dr. ____ Claim He Can Lower Insulin Resistance?

     Does Eating Fat Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

     Does Prediabetes Always Turn into Diabetes?

     Why Did My Fasting Blood Sugar Suddenly Hit 300?

     Does Reactive Hypoglycemia Lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

     Does My Gestational Diabetes Mean I’ll Get Type 2?

     I Have Always Eaten a Healthy Diet Why Did I Get Diabetes?

     I’m Thin—Why Was I Diagnosed with Type 2?

     Could I Have MODY Diabetes?

     Could Another Autoimmune Disease Cause Diabetes?

     What Does My C-Peptide Test Result Mean?

     How Can I Stop Feeling So Awful About Giving Myself this Terrible Disease?

     My Doctor Says I Don't Have Type 2 Diabetes What Should I Do?

Chapter Three: How Do I Lower My Blood Sugar?

     What Should My Doctor Prescribe at Diagnosis?

     What Is the Best Brand of Meter?

     Do I Have to Do a Control Solution Test?

     Testing Hurts Am I Doing Something Wrong?

     Can I Reverse Diabetes by Losing Weight?

     What’s the Best Diet for Diabetes?

     Why Do You Suggest Testing One And Two Hours After Eating?

     Should I Start Counting the Hour from the Start or End of the Meal?

     Should I Worry About Spikes Half an Hour After I Eat?

     I’m Addicted to Carbs

     Why Did the Nutritionist Say My Brain Won’t Work If I Cut Carbs?

     I Tried Cutting Carbs and My Blood Sugar Went Up

     How Many Grams of Carb Do You Eat?

     How Do I Figure out How Much Carbohydrate Is in a Meal?

     What Should I Eat in Place of The Carbs I Cut?

     Why Did My Doctor Tell Me to Eat Complex Carbs?

     Do Carbs in Fruits and Veggies Count the Same Way as Carbs in Bread and Potatoes?

     Isn’t Fructose Healthier than Glucose Because It’s Fruit Sugar?

     Is Sugar Worse than Bread and Potatoes?

     What About Natural Sugars like Honey

     Should I be Eating Sugar-Free Foods?

     Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

     Do Artificial Sweeteners Stop Weight Loss?

     Should I Eat a Lot More Protein when I Cut Carbs?

     What Fats Do You Recommend?

     Should I Be Eating Organic Food Only?

     Should I Be Eating Gluten-Free?

     Will Cinnamon Lower My Blood Sugar?

     What About Apple Cider Vinegar?

     Where Can I Find Good Recipes and Ideas for What to Eat?

Chapter Four: Should I Eat Dr. _____’s Diet?

     What Do You Think of Dr ____’s Diet?

     Should I Be Eating a Ketogenic Diet?

     What Makes a Diet Ketogenic?

     Why Can’t I Lose Weight on a Ketogenic Diet?

     Why Is My Weight Going Up and Down a Couple Pounds Every Day?

     Do I Need to Take a Lot of Supplements When I'm Eating a Ketogenic Diet?

     Why Do I Feel like Dead Meat After a Few Months on a Ketogenic Diet?

     How Do I Stop a Ketogenic Diet from Plugging Up My Digestion?

     Why Does My Pee Smell Funny?

     Why Am I Having So Much Trouble Sleeping and Having Weird Dreams?

     Why Is My Spouse Suddenly Pushing All These Carbs on Me?

     Why Not Eat a Diet That Is Both Low Carb and Low Fat?

     Will Dr. Taylor's Newcastle Diet Cure My Diabetes?

     Will a Vegan Diet Reverse My Diabetes?

     What About Intermittent Fasting?

     Why Does Fasting Make My Blood Sugar Go Up?

     How Can I Keep From Falling For These Fad Diets?

Chapter Five: What Else Will Lower My Blood Sugar?

     Are Supplements Safer Than Prescription Drugs?

     What About Berberine?

     But I Found This Study That Says...

     Will Smoking Marijuana Help or Harm My Blood Sugar?

     What Supplements Do You Take?

     Can I Control My Blood Sugar with Exercise Alone?

     Does Exercise Cure Insulin Resistance?

     Will Exercise Cause Weight Loss Without Dieting?

     Why Does My Blood Sugar Go Up Not Down When I Exercise?

     Why Am I Hypoing When I Exercise?

     Will Building More Muscle Lower My Blood Sugar?

     Help! Every Time I Get Serious About Exercise I End up Hurt

     Can Cleansing Myself of Toxins Improve My Diabetes?

     What Other Lifestyle Changes Will Improve My Diabetes?

     Did I Fail If I Couldn't Reach Goal Without Drugs?

Chapter Six: What Should I Do About This?

     Why Do Normal Blood Sugars Make Me Feel So Awful?

     Why Can't I Feel It When My Blood Sugar Is Too High?

     Why Can't I Get My Fasting Blood Sugar to Drop?

     Should I Test My Fasting Blood Sugar Every Day?

     My Insurer Won’t Pay for Enough Strips What Should I Do?

     I Just Saw a Spike to 190 Mg/dl Am I Screwed?

     Help! I Can't Stick to a Diet

     Help! I Can't Stop Eating Before My Period

     Help! I’m Losing Too Much Weight

     Must I Stop My Low Carb Diet Because My Cholesterol Went Up?

     Why Is My Blood Pressure Going Up

     I Had a Heart Attack Was this Because I Was Eating a Low Carb Diet?

     What Tests Should My Doctor Order?

     Why Is My A1C 4.9% When My Fasting Blood Sugar Is 175?

     If My A1C Is Higher Than My Meter Readings Does This Mean I’ll Get a Heart Attack?

     When Should I Go to the ER with A Very High Blood Sugar?

     Why Are Hypos So Dangerous?

     When Do I Need to See an Endocrinologist?

     My 85 Year Old Mother Was Just Diagnosed What Should She Be Doing?

     Why Does My Family Think I’m a Hypochondriac?

     Why Do Friends Make Fun of My Diet?

     Will Menopause Make My Blood Sugar Get Worse?

     How Can I Keep a Hospital Stay From Becoming a Nightmare?

     How Do I Deal with Diabetes in a Nursing Home?

     Can I Avoid A Continuous Care Community’s Diabetes Diet?

     My Loved One Won't Take Care of Their Diabetes

Chapter Seven: How Can I Get My Doctor to Be More Helpful?

     Why Is My Doctor That Way?

     Are Endocrinologists More Helpful?

     What’s the Best Way to Ask for a Doctor’s Help?

     Why Does My Doctor Give Me Such Awful Diet Advice?

     My Doctor Won't Prescribe the Drugs I Need What Should I Do?

     Why Did My Doctor Warn Me an A1C Below 6.5% Is Dangerous?

     Why Did My Doctor Tell Me That People over 65 Don't Need to Keep Their A1Cs Under 8%?

     How Can I Tell If I Have a Competent Doctor?

     Will Weight Loss Surgery Cure My Diabetes?

Chapter Eight: Should I Take This Drug?

     Isn't It Better to Control Without Any Drugs?

     What Drugs Are Safe?

     Should I Try Acarbose?

     What Does Metformin Do?

     Is Plain Metformin Better Than Metformin ER?

     What Is the Right Dose of Metformin?

     What Time of Day Should I Take Metformin ER?

     Is It Safe to Stop Taking Metformin?

     Will I Ever Get over the Digestive Side Effects of Metformin?

     Can Metformin Cause Hypos?

     I’m Not Responding to Metformin What Should I Do?

     What’s the Story on Repaglinide?

     Don't Insulin Stimulating Drugs Burn out Your Pancreas?

     When Do I Need Insulin?

     Does Starting Insulin Mean I Will Always Have to Take Insulin?

     Help! I'm Terrified of Needles

     What's the Best Way to Treat a Drug-Induced Hypo?

     What Can I Do to Avoid Having a Hypo?

     Does Taking Insulin Raise the Risk of Cancer?

     Why isn’t Insulin Lowering My Blood Sugar to Near Normal?

     What's the Difference Between Insulin Pens and Needles?

     What Is the Best Basal Insulin?

     Why Did I Suddenly Get a Huge Hypo Taking My Usual Dose of Lantus?

     What Is the Difference Between Humulin

     What is 70/30 Insulin?

     What Dose of Insulin Should I Be Taking?

     Why Can't I Lower My Blood Sugar Even with a Huge Dose of Insulin?

     Why Won't My Doctor Prescribe the New Inhaled Insulin?

     Why Does My Blood Pressure Go up When I Take Certain Diabetes Drugs?

     Why Do I Get Either Highs or Hypos with Mealtime Insulins?

     I Can't Afford Insulin but I Need It What Do I Do?

     Why Am I Suddenly Having Hypos on Drugs That Used to Work Fine?


     Doesn't Jardiance Prevent Heart Attacks?

     How Can I Check on the Safety of a New Drug My Doctor Prescribes?

     Help! I Read That a Drug I Take Can Cause Diabetes

     Should I Stop Taking This Drug That Worsens Blood Sugar?

     Should I Stop Taking a Statin?

     Will a Cortisone Drug Permanently Raise My Blood Sugar?

     Will Hormone Replacement Improve or Worsen My Blood Sugar?

     My Diabetes Is Getting Worse Despite Diet

Chapter Nine: How Can I Heal My Complications?

     I Had a Really High Blood Sugar Am I Doomed?

     Can I Reverse All the Damage from Diabetes with Tight Control?

     Do All People with Diabetes Have to Get Heart Disease?

     What Tests Can Tell Me If I Am at Higher Risk Than Normal People for a Heart Attack?

     Why Do I Keep Getting a Stabbing Pain on My Left Side?

     Why Does Diabetes Damage Nerves?

     Why Have My Feet Stopped Hurting Though My Blood Sugar Is Still Really High?

     What Should I Do About the Terrible Pain in My Feet?

     How Long Does It Take to Heal Damaged Nerves?

     This Pill Makes My Feet Stop Hurting Are They Getting Better?

     I've Kept My Blood Sugar Down Why Do My Feet Still Hurt?

     My Hands Tingle a Lot Is This from Diabetes?

     What Causes Diabetic Amputations?

     Why Do My Feet Hurt Worse Now That I've Lowered My Blood Sugar?

     Why Does My Heating Pad Warn Not to Use It If I'm Diabetic?

     Why Does the Sign at the Gym Tell Me to Stay out of the Hot Tub?

     Is Diabetes Causing My Digestive Symptoms?

     Why Does Everyone I Know with Diabetes Have Heartburn?

     Is Athlete's Foot a Diabetic Complication?

     Are Vaginal Yeast Infections Another Complication?

     Are My Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections a Diabetes Complication?

     Is Erectile Dysfunction a Diabetic Complication?

     Why Does Diabetes Damage Kidneys?

     How Can I Tell If I Have Diabetic Kidney Disease?

     Can I Reverse Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes?

     I Have Kidney Disease Does That Mean I Can't Eat a Low Carb Diet Because of the Protein?

     There Are Foam Bubbles in My Urine Does This Mean I Have Kidney Damage?

     What Causes Diabetic Blindness?

     My Vision Keeps Getting Blurry Is Diabetes Making Me Blind?

     Why Did My Eyes Get Worse After I Lowered My Blood Sugar?

     How Do I Know If I Am Getting Diabetic Eye Disease?

     Is Dry Eye a Diabetic Complication?

     Are Cataracts a Diabetic Complication?

     Does Diabetes Cause Dementia?

     Why Do I Keep Getting Frozen Shoulders?

     Are Other Tendon Problems a Diabetic Complication?

     Are My Mood Swings Caused by Diabetes?

     Why Did My Doctor Say Diabetes Will Make My Surgery More Dangerous?

     Is Everything a Diabetic Complication?



Your Diabetes Questions Answered: Practical Solutions That Work and Keep on Working is available at these links:

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Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble 

Apple, Kobo, and more ...

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Hope you find it useful!

--Jenny Ruhl

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