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Jenny Ruhl's Books

Montage of Jenny Ruhl's books

Jenny Ruhl's books include full-length books available in both paperback and e-book versions and Short Reads, which are brief e-books designed for people who don't have time to read a full-length book but need immediate help with problem solving. These books make fine gifts for friends and family who need help with their blood sugar control or diet.

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Your Diabetes Questions Answered book cover
Blood Sugar 101 book cover

The Definitive Diabetes Problem Solver


This long awaited sequel to Jenny Ruhl's bestseller, Blood Sugar 101 gives you the facts you need to understand your Type 2 diabetes and master it. Less technical than the earlier book, its question and answer format focuses on solving the many real world problems that come up as you work on normalizing your blood sugar.

No matter how much you know about diabetes, you'll find valuable insights and helpful strategies among the over 200 answers presented in these pages.

You'll learn why you have diabetes, what you can do to keep it from damaging your body, and why you don't have to fear ending up like your diabetic grandpa. New material covers the history of diabetic treatment, how to cope with diabetes-related conflicts with friends and family, special issues that arise when elders are living with Type 2 diabetes, and how to understand why doctors are the way they are so you can make the most productive use of the very limited time your doctor is able to spend with you.

As always, Ruhl presents easy to understand solutions that have worked for thousands of ordinary people without requiring extreme diets, obsessional behavior, or heroic self control. With the information you'll find here, you can make them work for you, too.

Notes: This book is also very helpful for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of prediabetes.


Readers outside of the U.S. will be glad to hear that this book presents both mg/dl and mmol/L values for all blood sugar levels discussed in the text. 

View the Table of Contents to see a list of every question answered.

Your Diabetes Questions Answered: Practical Solutions That Work and Keep on Working is now available in these formats:

Amazon: Paperback US

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited  US

Amazon: Paperback UK

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited UK


Also available from other online and retail book stores

Discover the Book Version of this Site


Over the years the amount of information displayed on these web pages has grown to where it has become very difficult to read it all online. That's why, back in 2008, we transformed it into a full length book. Readers loved it and that book, Blood Sugar 101, rose to the top of Amazon's Diabetes bestseller list where it remained for years.

We reissued that book In 2015 as a completely rewritten 2nd edition. Forty pages longer, it contains a  lot of new research-backed information, as well as  several new sections addressing the most common topics, not covered in the old edition. 

Very little has changed since 2015. All the new diabetes medications released since then are members of the same drug families discussed at length in this second edition and have the same issues. So you can be confident that even in 2023 this book will teach you everything you need to know to understand your diabetes and bring your blood sugars back into the normal range.  

In it you'll find out what peer reviewed research and the shared wisdom of the online diabetes community has learned about:

  • How normal blood sugar works.

  • What happens as blood sugar control deteriorates.

  • What blood sugar levels cause complications.

  • How you can you prevent complications.

  • How to learn which diet is right for you.

  • What drugs are safe.

  • What supplements work.

  • How to determine if you have a good doctor.


Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, author of the bestseller, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution writes, "


Thanks for sending me a copy of BLOOD SUGAR 101. I enjoyed it very much and actually learned a lot of important facts. I was impressed by your ability to scour the scientific literature and document your findings. I think this book should be read by all diabetics because of the valuable material that cannot be found elsewhere."

Blood Sugar 101 is stocked by many online stores including:

Amazon: Paperback US

Amazon: Paperback UK

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited US

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited UK 

Also available from other online and retail book stores

Diet 101 Book Cover

Get Your Low Carb Diet Working

No hype. No promises of miracle weight loss. No baloney about how easy it is to lose weight on the low carb diet. Jenny Ruhl's new book, Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets takes a long, hard look at how low carb diets really work and tackles the issues the bestsellers glide over.

Drawing on careful analysis of high quality peer-reviewed research Jenny explains:


  • What exactly happens in your body when you cut carbs.

  • How much weight you can expect to lose and how much of your low carb weight loss is attributable to lost water. (Hint: Some little known research suggests it's more than you think.)

  • The facts about how low carb diets compared to others in the large studies you heard about in the media and why they uncovered some serious problems with low carb diets you need to be aware of if you are not going to damage your health. 

  • How to manage the inevitable problems most low carb dieters run into.

  • How to break stalls, and when breaking a stall might be a bad mistake.

  • The best way to maintain weight losses achieved on low carb diets.


Jenny also shares with you insights gained from years of interacting with successful low carb dieters online including some very useful tips gleaned from polls and surveys she's run throughout the past decade. 

There's a wealth of information in this book, unlike most diet books "made for TV" which feature one two simplistic ideas padded out with pages of recipes. 

This book will be helpful for you if you have tried eating low carb diets in the past and failed, or if you are sticking to one now but have lost your enthusiasm. If you are considering starting a low carb diet, this book will help you choose the diet that is best for you and prepare you in advance for the known problems most low carb dieters encounter so that you don't become one of the many who do brilliantly on the diet for a few months or even years, only to end up weighing more than you did before you started your diet

Diet 101 Is Available from Many Online Stores Including:

Amazon: Paperback US
Amazon: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited U

Amazon: Paperback UK

Amazon: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited  UK


Also available from other online and retail book stores 

Short Reads

No time to read the full length book? These two brief e-books focus on problem solving.

Lower Your Blood Sugar book cover
Low Carb Problems Solved book cover
Lower Your Blood Sugar: The 30 Minute Guide for People with Diabetes, Prediabetes, and Insulin Resistance

This 30 Minute Kindle Short Read Teaches the Essentials of Blood Sugar Control.

A brief e-booklet that costs less than a cup of premium coffee, this short read:

  • Explains what causes diabetes.

  • Tells you what blood sugar levels cause heart disease and complications.

  • Reveals what raises blood sugar.

  • Walks you through how to lower your blood sugar using a blood sugar meter and the Test, Test, Test strategy.

  • Points out what to do in the rare cases where this strategy doesn't give you normal blood sugars.

Available from:

Amazon: Kindle US

Amazon: Kindle UK

and other Amazon stores

Nook, Kobo, Apple, and More ...

Low Carb Problems Solved: Say Goodbye to Stalled Weight Loss, Failed Maintenance, and Poor Blood Sugar Control

This 90 minute Short Read Solves the Problems that Make Low Carb Diets Fail

This brief 20,000 word book covers the most challenging problems low carb dieters encounter and shows you how to solve each one. It distills the essential facts and strategies drawn from the research we presented in much greater detail in our full-length book, Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets.

If you already have Diet 101, you don't need this download. But if you are looking for a quick action-focused guide that cuts to the chase and tells you exactly what to do to make your low carb diet workable and bearable, this is the book for you.

Available from:

Amazon: Kindle US

Amazon: Kindle UK

and other Amazon Stores

Nook, Kobo, Apple, and More ...

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