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The one page flyer that tells you how to lower diabetic blood sugars to a normal level

Download the "Lower Your Blood Sugar" Flyer

Thousands of people online have learned how to lower their blood sugar by cutting back on their carbohydrates. You've seen some of their testimonials on The 5% Club Page on this site. 

Unfortunately, though, most people with diabetes aren't online, especially those who have been following their doctors' advice for years, eating those low fat/high carb diets, taking handfuls of pills, only to see their blood sugar rise relentlessly.

To reach those people we need to use a simple, low tech technique, because they are too disheartened to look for diabetes information on the web.

If you click on the link below you'll find a simple flyer that presents an edited and updated version of the "Test, test test" advice that has been so helpful to people online. 

Download the flyer and print out a dozen copies. Post them on community bulletin boards. Leave some near the magazines at your doctor's waiting room. If you have a good relationship with your doctor, offer him or her some and explain where he can get more. Give the flyer to your friends with diabetes. Take them to support group meetings. 

The technique in the flyer is simple, non-confrontational, non-controversial and extremely effective. 

When people who have been without hope discover that they CAN lower their blood sugars, it is wonderful to see the change in their attitude when they realize they don't have to suffer what they have seen their loved ones suffer in the past. 

We see this happen all the time in the online community. Now let's bring it to the 30 million people with diabetes in the U.S. who aren't online and the many millions more around the world!


Download the U.S. English flyer


Download the English language flyer that uses mmol/L units.

Be sure to click on "Save a Copy" when the Adobe Acrobat reader displays the file.

Versions are also available in the following languages:


If you'd like to translate the flyer into your native language, please do. Send it to the address you will find on the "About the Author of this Site" page and it will be added.

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