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  • Jenny Brown

UNDISCIPLINED ARDOR Just Received the Coveted "Discovered Diamond" Award for Historical Fiction

Helen Hollick's English Discovering Diamonds review web site has long been my go to site for learning about new, high quality historical fiction. Thus I was thrilled to learn that the site planned to review my most recent novel, Undisciplined Ardor. I was even more thrilled when the review came out. It is a rave!

The reviewer, Robyn Pearce writes, "Fast-paced, unpredictable and delightful are my descriptors of this story. It’s well-written, with amusing and believable storylines and characters. " She adds, "the twists and turns keep the pages turning. "

Finally, I noted that the blog has declared Undisciplined Ardor a "Discovered Diamond," a status it only grants a few of the books it reviews.

The thing that makes me happiest about this review is that Discovering Diamonds is an English review site that rarely reviews Regency-set romances written by American authors. Their reviewers respect historical accuracy and high quality prose. That its Reviewer enjoyed my book so much tells me that I achieved my goal of writing a book that is both a satisfying romance and a story that respect the historical truth of the period in which it is set.

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