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Historical Romances 

Lord Lightning

Book 1 of the Unrepentant Scoundrels Series*

Lord Hartwood, The witty, outrageous hero nominated for the 2010 RT Reviewer’s Choice K.I.S.S. Hero award returns in this newly edited version of Jenny Brown’s most popular novel.

Everyone knows the man they call “Lord Lightning” is a cold-hearted rake with an unsavory reputation—all except Eliza Farrell, an innocent young astrologer fresh from a small country village whose horoscopes tell her he is a man who was born to love.

When Eliza’s predictions drive away Lord Lightning’s mistress, he indulges in one of his famous pranks and abducts her, telling her she must take his mistress's place. It's just a joke. But when Eliza shockingly takes him up on his offer, the dissolute lord meets his match in a woman as passionate and unpredictable as himself. 

“If Jane Austen and Freud had had a daughter, she might have written Lord Lightning.”

“Delightfully infused with charming characters, clever banter, an originally creative plot and love strong enough to reform a cold heart ... I highly recommend LORD LIGHTNING.”—Romance Junkies

Top Pick: Lord Lightning" by Jenny Brown is a wonderful combination of steamy and sensuous romance and well-written and witty humor, creating a highly enjoyable Regency romance —Night Owl Reviews

PLEASE NOTE: The $7.99 paperback listed at some online bookstores and from used book sites does not contain the same text as this new, revised and much improved edition. The paperback version of this new edition is only available from Amazon.

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An Unexpected Heir

Book 2 of the Unrepentant Scoundrels Series*


A brash American frontiersman ... a prim heiress desperate to avoid scandal ...  A fish-out-of-water romance that will keep you laughing as it touches your heart. 

When he travels to England to carry out his ma’s dying wish, Ned Prentice, American explorer, collector of curiosities, and traveling showman extraordinaire finds himself hailed as the heir to an earldom who was stolen away in his infancy. There’s only one catch. To be recognized as the lost heir, Ned must immediately marry Kate Haddock, the daughter of an upstart magnate whose dowry is needed to preserve the Earldom's mortgaged acres. 

But Kate has only agreed to a marriage of convenience with the earl's heir to ensure that she will have the freedom to pursue her scientific interests. She has no intention of being bound for life to the all-too-charming backwoodsman she has reason to believe is a clever fraud.

​Pressured by Kate’s father and the earl to go through with the wedding, Kate and Ned form an uneasy alliance intended to to maintain each other’s freedom—until the pet baby beaver Ned has brought to England plays matchmaker and Ned and Kate must discover what is real, what is trickery, and what are the true desires of their hearts.

Rated PG-13 No explicit content.

Undisciplined Ardor 

Book 3 of the Unrepentant Scoundrels Series*

He’s obsessively proving his manhood. She’s determined to live as a boy. The last thing they need is to fall in love.

Desperate to escape the arranged marriage that will forever take away her freedom to live the unconventional life she chooses, Jo Trenoweth turns for help to the man who has bought her beloved mare at auction, knowing that if the damnably handsome cavalry officer, accused of unspeakable sexual crimes, seduces her, it will make her unmarriageable. 

Jo’s boyishness, her recklessness, and her dedication to mastering the most difficult feats of horsemanship both appeal to Lord Wixford and appall him. Though he desperately tries to make her behave like a conventional woman, it is when she is at her most boyish that he most desires her.  As their battle of wills leads them into a passionate closeness that transforms them, they are propelled into a crisis that will force them to sacrifice everything they have ever held dear.  

Fast-paced, unpredictable and delightful are my descriptors of this story. It’s well-written, with amusing and believable storylines and characters. — Robyn Pearce for Discovering Diamonds

* This series can be read in any order.

Star Crossed Seduction

Lovers or Enemies? 

Captain Miles Trevelyan, on leave from active service in India, is heading out for a night on the town when he rescues a beautiful pickpocket from arrest. She’s the perfect choice for a few days of dalliance—beautiful, cunning, and completely disposable. 

But Temperance has no intention of becoming the plaything of a man who wears the uniform of the solders who murdered her lover. Disarming Trev with a kiss, she escapes. But her sultry kiss opens the two Scorpio adversaries to an obsessive attraction that neither can elude—or possibly survive. 

Eliza and Lord Lightning make cameo appearances in this much darker sequel to Lord Lightning.

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Perilous Pleasures

A Mysterious Lord under A Vow of Chastity...A Virgin Who Must Seduce Him to Save Her Life

Lord Ramsay has waited years to exact his vengeance on the scheming courtesan who sent his sister to the guillotine. Now the courtesan’s grown daughter is completely under his control. Her virginity is essential for the ancient rite that will give him the mystical powers he's worked to master since his sister’s death. But Ramsay isn’t prepared for the vulnerable, courageous woman he finds—a woman with powers of her own. 

Zoe has only one weapon against the fate that awaits her—seduction. Only that will rid her of the virginity Ramsay so prizes. Yet even as Zoe uses her charms to bewitch her abductor, Ramsay's haunted soul weaves a sensual spell around her too. Soon the two will be bound together by passion—and locked in a desperate struggle against an ancient sorcery that can only be vanquished by love.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission when you buy qualifying Amazon purchases

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